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"LukkaTax's customer support was very helpful in answering my question. When Sarah did not know the answer, she immediately got a specialist involved and I had my answer in a timely manner. Your website has several articles on how to retrieve and upload data from exchanges. It was very helpful."

Neal M.

"I had issues with importing trade reports on a Saturday night during a holiday weekend, took less than 5 minutes to get assistance from Anthony. First time using Lukka and probably won't be my last. Thank you for creating a cheap and easy to use alternative to other crypto tax sites, much appreciated!!"

Ray C.

"Why is your price much more reasonable than CryptoTrader.tax? I had a problem with the first file when I tried CryptoTrader.tax and they are too expensive so I tried LukkaTax. I found your entry mode is much easier. I struggled for days with CryptoTrader and got nowhere. Here I made solid progress. Thx!"

Melissa M.

"I used several competing services and found LukkaTax to be the most flexible for my needs, as my company is paid in bitcoin by some clients. The only thing I would like to see is generation of the Form 8949. Best of luck and I'll be back next year!"

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for the feedback! We have now added both 8948 and schedule 1 forms, so you can download them now!
    - LukkaTax Support

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