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Enable your business to interact with the world of digital assets. 

The only digital asset reference data built within an accurate, secure, and scalable Type II SOC infrastructure.

Full history for tens of thousands of trading pairs and thousands of individual digital assets across dozens of venues.




24/7 ecosystem monitoring for data changes and daily updates from exchanges, pricing providers, blockchains and other venues.

The gold standard of digital asset data.

Standardize ALL of your data from exchanges, OTC desks, wallets and all of your other transaction sources.

Run your business more efficiently with 

Funds & Fund Administrators

Accounting Firms & Regulators

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Optimize your business and post-trade processes by standardizing your transactions across all of your sources. We give you mappings of digital asset tickers, trading pairs and other vital data-points across 100+ venues globally.

With the absence of CUSIPs, ISINs and other traditional identifiers we've created the Lukka ID to standardize your digital asset data.

Reconcile, report and calculate NAV with standardized current and historical asset identifiers.

Feed trading systems and ensure accuracy and visibility into market liquidity across venues.

OTC and Proprietary Trading Firms

Reduce the costs and time associated with accounting, tax and auditing procedures.

Digital Asset Exchanges

Streamline internal business operations and reporting and manage firm data.

We map, monitor and update trading pairs, ticker symbols, and other asset reference data on over 100 venues globally. As asset ID's change, so do our mappings so you can ensure that your firm's data is correct and consistent.

Lukka Reference Data fuels many of Lukka's institutional software and data products. Our standards are unmatched and we take pride in our accuracy.

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Get the data your security master needs to streamline digital asset operations.

Lukka Reference Data

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Lukka Reference Data

Derivatives Coverage 



Move (Up & Down)



Contract Type Coverage

We've mapped derivative contracts for all major trading venues including Binance, Binance JEX, bitFlyer, BitMEX, The CBOE, The CME, CoinFlex Deribit, FTX, Huobi, and LedgerX and OKEx.

Over 27,000 contracts mapped and growing daily