We turn blockchain data into easy-to-use information to support business operations.

Lukka is a top performing team with expertise in solving the hardest data problems.


Infrastructure built for blockchain.

Whether you have millions of transactions or have millions of users, our infrastructure scales to your needs.


Integrated Lukka Reference Data.

Standardizing thousands of symbols and hundreds of formats has never been easier with Lukka Reference Data integrated into all of our software products.


Choose your method.

Whether you need FIFO, LIFO, or HIFO, compare results and create detailed tax lots with specific IDs.

Software built to support your audit with a proven team to hold your hand if needed.

Software designed with audit in mind.


Be a design partner and choose what features you need.


Our capabilities, your experience.

Justin Harris
Director of Finance,

"ShapeShift could not have completed its audit without our partnership with Lukka. The Lukka team’s knowledge and continual support have made them an invaluable partner as we navigate the ever-changing crypto accounting landscape."

Jeff Dorman
Partner & Portfolio Manager,
Arca Funds

"It's critical to be able to see our consolidated transactional date in real-time. Lukka Software is always open on my browser."

Paul Durward
Executive Director,

Atlas Fund Services

"Institutional-grade connectivity is the differentiating factor. Utilizing Lukka's secure and scalable crypto ecosystem connectivity has greatly enhanced our service offering."

Dan Smith
Trident Fund Services

"We have been fortunate to find the right crypto technology partner in Lukka to help us support our clients' growing needs."

Mikhail Davidyan
Managing Partner,

Theorem Fund Services

"There's really no solution like Lukka in the marketplace to solve accounting challenges for the crypto asset class. It was very clear after our first conversation with Lukka that this was the solution that we're looking for."

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Stephen Vlasak
Partner, Alternative Investments Practice, Business Development,

Richey May

"Lukka has been a great partner for Richey May, their top tier technology within the crypto asset class has allowed both our audit and tax teams to gain efficiencies as well as enhance our testing procedures with real time data.  Their responsivity, expertise and high quality service make them one of our most valuable service providers."

Marcelo Sampaio
Co-Founder & CEO,

"Lukka's software enabled Hashdex to manage the world's first same-day NAV reporting for digital asset funds. The ability for our clients to have daily liquidity has been vital to our business. This industry milestone was made possible with Lukka's best-in-class data management software."